Realisations (Villa Mantra)
Specialists in ecology. We are a 21st century company using high tech and high end solutions. Our goal is the no-waste management of a building domestic needs - energy, water and air - at the lowest operating costs with a low impact on the suroundings and the global environement. An approach putting first you health, your wealth... your well being.
As a Consultant agency, with expertise in the field of housing and eco renovation, we work with architects, construction superintendents and the different experts involved in the making of an eco-safe building.
Project optimization
Water management
Image courtesy of Francesco Marino
Recycling management
Analysis and Diagnostic

  Study and project developement

  Use of local sustainable ressources

  Eco development within the local structures

  Green energy plants

  Architecture and landscaping offices

  Renovation of existing building

  Neutral building (no impact on the inhabitants health)

  Analysis of the environment - water, air,